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Welcome to Social Pedagogy

Welcome to Social Pedagogy UK – this website is run by Jacaranda Recruitment/Development, the Centre for Understanding Social Pedagogy (CUSP), the Institute of Education and Thempra Social Pedagogy. It is run on a voluntary basis and sponsored by Jacaranda.

This website was started shortly after the 2007 pilot run by the National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care. Since that time, the interest in Social Pedagogy has grown considerably. In May 2013, there are a number of organisations actively developing Social Pedagogy via workforce development programmes and/or the recruitment of fully qualified Social Pedagogues; the Social Pedagogy Development Network thrives; the Fostering Network are introducing Social Pedagogy into foster care via the Head, Heart, Hands programme; the ADCS position statement on "What is Care For" highlights the merits of further considering Social Pedagogy as a system wide approach.

This website is a meeting point in the virtual world that allows you to keep yourself informed about what is going on – sign up to the newsletter to receive updates, keep an eye on the events section, pass the link along to colleagues and friends who may be interested.

See our Recommended Reading List as well as our  Frequently Asked Questions for an overview and background on Social Pedagogy. 




Overview of this website

This website offers:

  • Frequently Asked Questions – helping to understand Social Pedagogy
  • Research & Evaluation – including comparative studies
  • Practice - information on the practice of Social Pedagogy
  • Education & Training - courses available in English
  • Work Placement – opportunities for exchange
  • Consultancy – providers of consultancy services

  • Staff - information on hiring Social Pedagogues
  • A forum for discussion and debate