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Work Placement

A work placement or study period abroad is seen as valuable experience by today’s employers in an increasingly interlinked world, since it improves communication and cooperation skills and the understanding of other cultures. In the context of social pedagogy it could develop and deepen the understanding of various pedagogic approaches in different cultures.  A valuable process of learning about an approach in practice.

Jacaranda launched a small work placement programme in early 2010. If you are a student looking for a work placement or an employer interested in offering a social pedagogy student a placement, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  


The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) is a European funding programme which supports education and training across Europe. The LLP provides funding for all stages of lifelong learning; for activities at school, at college, at university, in the workplace and in the community. The LLP is made up of several different programmes offering a variety of opportunities; the Erasmus programme for example supports the mobility of  students and staff across Europe, for both work placement and study purposes. In the UK the LLP programmes are managed by the British Council and ECOTEC. Their joint website serves as a portal for information on all the programmes and funding opportunities; in Denmark the LLP programmes are managed by Cirius, in Germany by DAAD. 

For a list of national agencies per country go to the official European Commission website.

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