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Social Pedagogy UK is run by a working group including: Jacaranda, the Centre for Understanding of Social Pedagogy, Thempra Social Pedagogy and social pedagogues from Germany and Denmark.

In addition to their permanent recruitment services, Jacaranda is interested in promoting the social pedagogic approach in the UK. Jacaranda sponsors this website. Jacaranda provides Social Pedagogues, Social Workers and Care Professionals to the UK’s local government, charity and private sectors. Candidates come from Europe, mainly German-speaking countries, where the social pedagogic approach has a strong tradition. In addition, Jacaranda recruits from Scandinavian countries, The Netherlands and Spain. Jacaranda offers consultancy for organizations interested in the social pedagogic approach.



TCRU is a multidisciplinary research unit within the Institute of Education. The focus of its research is children and young people both within and outside their families. This includes care, education, health and social service settings.



The National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care (NCERCC), based at NCB, is a major collaborative initiative to improve standards of practice and outcomes for children and young people in residential child care in England.



NCB is one of the leading publishers in children's services and studies in England and Nothern Ireland.



ThemPra is a community interest company with a multinational team. We aim to support the further development of social pedagogy in the UK in various ways. Central to our ethos is a strong emphasis on connecting theory and practice, which means that we offer and facilitate holistic “learning experiences” that go beyond understanding and support a strong transfer between the learning and practice, inspiring head, heart and hands.


Social Education Trust (SET)

SET was a small charity, which aimed to work in the best interests of children and young people, particularly those in the public care. SET commissioned the project Introducing Social Pedagogy Into Residential Child Care in England managed by NCERCC.