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Social Pedagogy Development Network

Uploaded 10.02.17

Registration for the April SPDN in Tonbridge now open

 You can now register your free place by visiting the registration website here. We'll be emailing you with further details including accommodation options shortly after registration.
At this SPDN event we will explore the following theme from a social pedagogical perspective: nurturing well-being.


Uploaded 09.12.16

 Next SPDN event - April 6 and 7, 2017 - nurturing well-being

The next Social Pedagogy Development Network event takes place on 6th and 7th April 2017 in Tonbridge, Kent (West Kent and Ashford College).

Watch this space to be the first to know more about the theme of the event and how to book your free place!


Uploaded 07.07.16

SPDN in Aberdeen – materials from the event

 We're very pleased to be able to share the keynote presentations from evening and day seminars with you.

Kate Skinner’s talk on ´What’s love got to do with it´ is available here.

The presentations by Janine Bolger and Patrick Walker on RGU's social pedagogy lifecourse journey, by Fiona Feilberg on the use of self and reflection across the lifecourse, and by Claire Cameron on the new standards and professional association are included in the slides from the day seminar, which you can access here.

Soren Kayser's workshop presentation on how to handle a moral dilemma can be found here .

Brigitte and Colin Paterson have kindly shared a presentation summarising their workshop on child protection in dialogue (see here) and are offering a more in-depth seminar in Edinburgh on 19 August due to popular demand (see here for invitation).

Laurence Alfred’s insightful notes from his workshop on strengthening and nourishing self as a prerequisite for forming relationships are available via this link .


Uploaded 19.04.16

Registration Social Pedagogy Development Network – Social Pedagogy across the life span

Camphill school and Robert Gordon University will host the next SPDN on 9th and 10th June 2016 in Aberdeen. It will provide opportunities to explore the integrative potential of social pedagogy in the work with people of different ages, health conditions and disabilities.

 To register your place (a maximum of 4 participants per organisation) at the evening and day seminars, please follow this link. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Uploaded 05.02.16

 The SPDN at the University of Lancashire on 3rd/4th December 2015

170  participants attended the 13th Social Pedagogy Development Network at the Preston campus of th University of Central Lancashire. The focus of the SPDN was on "Scaling up Social Pedagogy" which provided for a lot of interesting discussions, presentations and activities. Please find below a summary of presentations of the event and a full video of the morning session on 4th December 2015.

Watch the entire morning session 4th December 2015 here.

 Welcome to the SPDN - presentation Gabriel Eichsteller and Thure Johansen

UCLAN's Social Pedagogy Journey - presentation

 Initial thoughts on Scaling Up Social Pedagogy - presentation Abby Ladbrooke and Gabriel Eichsteller

Scaling and Diffusion. Myths and Mechanisms. Presentation Jonny Mallinson


Uploaded 22.07.15

Social pedagogical work with adults with learning difficulties - Edinburgh event on 07.09.15

This event tells you more about the experiences Camphill Scotland gathered running a 2014 pilot into the use of social pedagogy with adults with learning difficulties. Please find more information here , to register for the event click here . Deadline for registration is 31.08.15.


Uploaded 25.04.15

Social Pedagogy Development Network event in Edinburgh – 21.04. and 22.04.15

What's love got to do with it?

This SPDN event discussed social pedagogical perspectives on love within a professional context. We explore with participants how we can develop genuine and authentic relationships and articulate what we really mean when we talk about love in a professional context.


Uploaded 05.10.14

Social Pedagogy Development Network event in Dublin – 11.11. and 12.11.14

The SPDN is a free two day conference that aims to bring people together who want to learn more about Social Pedagogy or promote the approach further. The theme for the November SPDN event is reflection. Participants will explore why reflection is fundamental to Social Pedagogy, the importance of critical reflection as part of our professional role as well as different practical and creative ways of engaging children, young people, teams or organisations in reflective processes. Please find additional information here , the Unity through relationships Facebook page here and a conference brochure here .


Uploaded 04.05.14

Derbyshire County Council event at Lea Green on 28.04. and 29.04.14

The theme of the 10th SPDN event was creativity and creativity in social pedagogy.The theme of this SPDN event was systemic social pedagogy, exploring among other things the approach at different systemic levels.


Uploaded 04.12.13

Aberlour Child Care Trust SPDN event in Kirkcaldy on 28.11. and 29.11.13

The theme of this SPDN event was systemic social pedagogy, exploring among other things the approach at different systemic levels.


Uploaded 18.05.13

London's first SPDN in Hackney on 14.05.13

City Edge, Hackney 
May 14, 2013 9:30am-4:30pm
Hackney is kindly inviting us all for the SPDN event the day after the international conference. Hackney has been actively engaged with social pedagogy for several years now and is part of the current Head, Heart, Hands programme introducing social pedagogy to foster care.
On the day we aim to further explore possible ways of applying social pedagogical principles, theories and values to social care, social work, youth work and education settings in the UK. This will provide opportunities to reflect on and further discuss presentations given at the international conference, but also to hear from a range of practitioners how they have developed social pedagogy within their settings. Irrespective of whether you attend the international conference on 13th May or whether you are new to the world of social pedagogy or already very familiar with it, we will try our very best to make sure you get a well-rounded experience of social pedagogy. For us that means offering opportunities for you to engage with head, heart and hands and to explore the themes that matter to you.


Fee: none.

Register online at – as usual places are limited to 6 per organisation in order to enable people from a broad range of organisations to be involved.


The SPDN at Camphill Aberdeen on 18.10 and 19.10.12

This SPDN focussed on well-being, the importance of it in social pedagogical work and how it can be promoted.


Updated 27.02.12 **

The next Social Pedagogy Development Network - the Institute of Technology Sligo have kindly offered to host the first ever Irish SPDN events on May 24th (evening seminar) and 25th (full day seminar). On behalf of the hosts and our organising partners, Thempra, TCRU & Jacaranda, we would like to take this opportunity to warmly invite you.

The programme will include lots of (inter)national perspectives on Social Pedagogy and its connection with social care. Besides exploring how Social Pedagogy can potentially contribute to practice, the focus will also lie on how it can meaningfully inform social care degrees in higher education. In true SPDN spirit the exact programme will evolve around these themes over the coming months with the intention to ensure the events offer something new and thought-provoking irrespective of where you are at in your Social Pedagogy journey. And as usual, places are free and can now be booked online at:

More details on the Social Pedagogy Development Network meeting in Sligo here.

The story so far...

Updated August 2011

The Social Pedagogy Development Network (SPDN) is continuing to deepen the dialogue around social pedagogy as an overarching framework for developing the children’s and young people’s workforce. After 4 engaging events in Essex, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, and at the Camphill Community Glencraig, NI, the SPDN’s next meeting will take place in Glasgow on Friday, 7th October 2011. Kibble Care and Education, one of Scotland’s leading charities providing care services, have kindly offered to host this event, thus enabling us to keep the SPDN a free event that anyone with an active interest in social pedagogy can participate in. We warmly invite you to be one of them. And following the positive feedback from last time, Kibble are also inviting to an evening seminar on Thursday, 6th October (at the Kibble Campus in Paisley).
With social pedagogues working in a variety of settings, such as early years, formal education, play and youth work, foster care, social work, care for the elderly and for people with disabilities, the SPDN events offer an opportunity to all professionals to explore how social pedagogy relates to their ethos and practice.

You can find out more by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or on


Updated October 2010

With the start of autumn, we're also heading into a new season for social pedagogy. Based on the two successful meetings of the Social Pedagogy Development Network (SPDN) in Colchester and Stone, we're inviting you to take the development of social pedagogy one step further: the next SPDN meeting will take place in Derbyshire on Friday, 5th November 2010.
Building on the previous SPDN meetings and your feedback, this time we will offer the following opportunities to network and develop a coherent understanding of social pedagogy:
- marketplace, where organisations active in implementing social pedagogy can share their experiences and successes so far. In the spirit of the SPDN, this should be based on dialogue and can be informal - there won't be space for powerpoint equipment. We'll also offer a 'taster' session for people less familiar with social pedagogy. If you want to run a 'market stall', please let us know by Oct 25.
- workshops to support the evolution of regional and common-interest groups, as well as develop a strategy for the SPDN.
- fun and interactive ways to develop relationships and talk about the things that matter to you (as long as it's related to social pedagogy, naturally!)
As always, places are free, and per organisation there are up to 6 places for participants from different services. This should give us again a rich mix of participants from across the country and a range of services, including early years, fostering, residential child care, youth work, social work, teaching. For this purpose, please feel free to invite colleagues that you think would be interested in joining the SPDN and contributing to social pedagogy in the UK. To book places please email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

We have also set up a virtual forum for the SPDN, which you are invited to join. To do so, please click here , set up your profile (at which stage you'll unfortunately have to wait for us to accept you as a member - this isn't ideal but at least ensures that the forum is exclusively for the SPDN).
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on November 5!


Uploaded October 2010


Please click here to read about the origins and developments of the Social Pedagogy Development Network


On Friday, 27th November 2009, the Social Pedagogy Development Network (SPDN) had its start-off event in Colchester. Set up as a grassroots movement by ThemPra Social Pedagogy in partnership with the Thomas Coram Research Unit (TCRU), the National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care (NCERCC), Jacaranda Recruitment, and the English section of the International Federation for Educational Communities (FICE), the network aims to connect those organisations and professionals who have already been active in developing Social Pedagogy or are eager to do so, thus contributing to a coherent development of Social Pedagogy in a way that builds on existing best practice.

The vision: First Social Pedagogy Development Network Day

Impressions of the Day by Thempra: Impressions

Impressions of the Day by Jacaranda: Impressions

Discussion points resulting from the space for open dialogue: Dicussion Points

Future events: Events