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Publications & Media

Image Publications on Social Pedagogy & Social Pedagogy in the media




Recommended Reading List

Cameron, C and Moss, P. (2011). Social Pedagogy and working with children: Where care and education meet. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

 Eichsteller, G. & Holthoff, S. (2011). Social Pedagogy as an Ethical Orientation Towards Working With People – Historical Perspectives. Children Australia, 36(4), 176-185.

 International Journal of Social Pedagogy.

 Kaska, M. (2015). Social Pedagogy - An Invitation. London: Jacaranda Publishing.

Petrie, P.  (2011). Communication Skills for Working with Children and Young People. Introducing Social Pedagogy. 3rd Edition. London and Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 

Petrie, P. (2013) Pedagogy in the UK: Gaining a firm foothold? Special issue, Social Pedagogy in the 21st century . Education Policy Analysis Archives,  Volume 21  Number 37 April 30h, 2013. ISSN 1068-2341.


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Uploaded 01.12.16

Social Pedagogy can improve direct work with children

Undergraduate social work students, looked after young people and residential care staff shared a joint learning experience as peers and reported a sense of equality as well as strong relationship building. This Community Care article describes how exploring social pedagogical theories and concepts through practical activities can add value to social work training.

Read the full article here.


Uploaded 08.11.16

Towards a Social Pedagogy of Urban Design

This chapter of the book Education, Space and Urban Planning explores how urban design impacts on the social and cultural position of children. Urban designers have a particular social pedagogical role when designing spaces for children in the city which can affect the construction of childhood in three different areas: the private, autonomous and public child. The aim is to focus on how these areas interlink with pedagogical theories and perspectives in design.

 Find more information on the chapter here .


Uploaded 14.10.16

Social pedagogy in children´s everyday life

This book chapter explores how to understand social pedagogy in relation to the support of children’s conduct of everyday life. In general parents coordinate their children´s everyday lives, but for the case of children in out-of-home care, the responsibility of care is distributed between several professionals and institutions. The paper concludes that for children in out-of-home care their possibilities of learning how to conduct their everyday lives are closely related to the ways professionals cooperate across contexts

Find more information on the chapter here.


Uploaded 29.09.16

Challenges of migration for social pedagogy in a Swedish context

This article explores issues of complexity within the Swedish social insurance system due to migration and resulting societal changes. The emphasis lies on how to provide social welfare to disadvantaged groups. It is concluded that social pedagogy plays a key role in working with the immigrant population across the social service system to improve social protection, integration and reduce social segregation.

Click here for the article.


Uploaded 23.07.16

An unsolved puzzle: social pedagogy and/versus social work

The latest issue of the czech social education journal focuses on the relationship between social pedagogy and social work. It takes an international perspective and compares historic and current development in various European countries.Please find some articles as well as the link to the complete issue below.

The Relationship of Social Pedagogy and Social Work

Social Pedagogy and Social Work: An analysis of their Relationship from a socio-pedagogical Perspective.

Social Work and Social Pedagogy - Similarities in Theory and Profession from a German Perspective.

Convergent and Divergent Aspects of Social Work and Social Pedagogy.

Find the complete issue here


 Uploaded 13.07.16

Analysing the dimensions of social pedagogy – an international perspective

This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of social pedagogy focusing on an international perspective. Through interviews with groups of renowned experts from different countries, the authors aim to build a global, current and integrated view of social pedagogy.

Please find an abstract and purchase information here . _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Uploaded 01.06.16

Nationwide Head, Heart, Hands newsletter

This e-newsletter focuses on how foster carers and social work practitioners use Social Pedagogy. It features latest developments in Social Pedagogy, narratives on how theory links to practice, events, book reviews, links and other useful information.Access the ninth

Access the tenth edition here

Access the ninth edition here

Access the eighth edition here

Access the seventh edition here

Access the sixth edition here

Access the fith edition here

Access the fourth edition here

Access the third edition here

Access the second edition here

Access the first edition here


 Uploaded 04.05.16

Translating Heinz Sünker- social pedagogical reflections

Hein Sünker is a German social pedagogue and university lecturer who has published more than 40 books and 190 articles. This article translates Sünker’s reflections on various themes from German into English, for example concepts of social pedagogy and Bildung, childhood and children’s rights as well as social work, social policy and welfare under National Socialism

 Click here for the article. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

 Uploaded 29.04.16

Social Pedagogy in Finland and Sweden – a comparative analysis

 This paper provides an overview of the trajectory of social pedagogical thinking and action in these two countries. It also focuses on country-specific features as well as structural aspects.

The core aim of this paper is to explore the main similarities and differences in Finnish and Swedish social pedagogical theory and practice.

 Click here for the article .


Uploaded 22.04.16

Social Pedagogy and bullying in schools

This study explores to what extent a social pedagogical perspective regarding bullying in school is present in English, Greek and Norwegian university students in the area of education, care and welfare of children.

Click here for an abstract and purchase information.


Uploaded 31.03.16

Social Pedagogy in Latin America

Social Pedagogy in Latin America is well-developed and has in many cases a long tradition. This book illustrates its diversity and shows its connection with Europe. One of the aims of the book is to inform and inspire debates both in the English-speaking world and other parts of the world.

Find more information and purchase the book here.


Uploaded 18.02.16

Social Pedagogy at Times of Crisis in Greece

The latest issue of the International Journal of Social Pedagogy is out - Social Pedagogy at Times of Crisis in Greece' - provides some fascinating insights into how the country is dealing with the economic crisis and its dire implications, using social pedagogy.


Uploaded 09.02.16

Cyberbullying and moral disengagement – analysis based on Social Pedagogy in pastoral care

There has been a substantial increase in cyberbullying due to children’s daily use of smart phones and other electronic devices. Cyberbullying is often accompanied by a desensitisation of values and emotional empathy towards another person. This article examines how a social pedagogical pastoral care in schools can avert the moral disengagement which often underpins cyberbulliying.

Read the abstract and access purchase information here.


Uploaded 08.02.16 

 Social Pedagogy in the UK today 

In her new article Professor Claire Cameron provides an excellent overview of the findings from evaluations of social pedagogical training and development initiatives in the UK in residential care, foster care and related service since 2007.  

Access the full article here.


Uploaded 18.01.16

Treasuring the Social in Social Pedagogy

Robyn Kemp’s article was published in the Journal Children Australia/Volume 40/Special Issue04 and can be purchased or rented here :


Uploaded 13.01.16

Social Justice and Social Pedagogy.

In this chapter Professor Pat Petrie explores the relationship between these two terms and the extent and direction of their interdependency. She provides examples of social pedagogy in practice and explores some of the theories this draws on.

Please find more information on this chapter here .

You can buy the book Socially Just, Radical Alternatives for Education and Youth Work Practice here .


Uploaded 08.12.15

Social Pedagogy and Camphill Scotland

From February 2014 and April 2015 staff members from two Camphill communities took part in a government funded pilot to use social pedagogy in supporting young people and adults.

Find some interesting additional information on social pedagogy and the Camphill journey here .

A creative overview of key social pedagogical concepts can be found here .

Access the final evaluation report of the pilot by the University of Edinburgh here .

Watch a short film about the pilot here .


 Uploaded 27.09.15

Educating Children and Young People in Care - Learning Placements and Caring Schools

Drawing on social pedagogy the authors Claire Cameron, Graham Connelly and Sonia Jackson combine research and practice to support children to reach their educational potential. This book is an evidence-informed practical guide that argues that the integration of care and education in daily life is key to supporting children to thrive and develop.

Find a more detailed description of the book here.


 Uploaded 01.09.15

Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

 In his TED talk Johann Hari speaks about the real reasons for addiction and draws a link between addiction and the lack of human connections and bonding. His questions took him around the world, and unearthed some surprising and hopeful ways of thinking about an age-old problem.

Listen to Johann's TED talk here


  Uploaded 01.07.15

Derby social pedagogy course extended

 An introduction to Social Pedagogy, a pilot University of Derby course, was extended for a further two years due its success. More than 100 foster carers and social care staff attended the course, the new contract is going to be rolled out to another 100 staff.

Read the full article here


Uploaded 06.01.14

Programme to support children in care to achieve in school – started in December 14

Four different teams at the Institute of Education on London have devised an evidence based learning programme (PALAC: promoting the achievement of looked after children) for school professionals who work with children in care. This programme draws among other things on social pedagogical ideas and supports professionals to actively support the all-round education of children in care.

Read the article here.


Uploaded 19.12.14

Social Pedagogy in Derbyshire as case study in DfE’s Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme

The Children’s Social Care Innovation programme seeks to stimulate and support the review and redesign of services local authorities provide to improve outcomes for vulnerable children. Derbyshire and its implementation of Social Pedagogy features as a case study to highlight innovative and successful practice.

Access the DFE paper here.


Uploaded 07.12.14

New Social Pedagogy Module at University of Central Lancashire

This new module brought together undergraduate social work students, looked after young people and residential childcare staff to learn about Social Pedagogy as peers. The module provided a very positive learning experience for everyone and had a positive impact on e.g. relationships, self-confidence and trust.

Access the article here


Uploaded 04.11.14

Social pedagogy and pastoral care in schools - article in British Journal of Guidance  & Counselling

In his paper, Chris Kyriacou describes the nature of Social Pedagogy, the historical development and practice of the approach in mainland Europe and highlights key developments in England. Furthermore he outlines the implications of Social Pedagogy for pastoral care in schools. Find more information on the article and how to purchase it here.


Uploaded 02.09.14

Blog about the Social Pedagogy Network Conference in April 14

Dawn Williams created a blog to speak about her experience of participating in the last SPDN event in Derbyshire. Find the blog here. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Uploaded 18.08.14

PHD on relationship between Social Work and Social Pedagogy in Europe

In his thesis, Jakob Kornbeck explores the mutual relationship between the two traditional professions drawing on theories and information from different European countries. He establishes the distinction between the two professions being separate or having merged as it is the case in Germany. His investigation enables to take recent developments in the UK with regard to the introduction of Social Pedagogy as a concept alongside Social Work into consideration. Find the abstract and information on how to access the thesis here.


Uploaded 14.08.14

Creativity in School Education

Creativity is pivotal to the learning success of students but unfortunately there is often little room for creative processes in schools. In his article, Ken Robinson defines creativity, busts some myths and outlines different ways of encouraging creativity in schools. His words are directed at Michael Gove, secretary of state for education whose current plans for the national curriculum seem to stifle creativity rather than promoting it. Read the full article here.


 Uploaded 14.08.14

Book: Increasing participation of young people in care in further and higher education

Sonia Jackson’s and Claire Cameron’s book examines why children in care are significantly less likely to attend higher education. What makes this book very valuable to everybody working on child welfare or young people in care is that it also outlines different ways of addressing this discrepancy to improve children’s in care access to tertiary education. Find more information here.


Uploaded 07.08.14

Social Pedagogy  in Scotland

David Mitchell explores in his article the various reasons for the great success of Social Pedagogy the social care sector in Scotland in recent years. Find the article here.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________   Uploaded 01.08.14

Social Pedagogy in the UK: gaining a firm foothold

In her paper Pat Petrie discusses the question why the UK has not adopted Social Pedagogy in contrast to other European countries. The paper looks at why there has been a growing interest in the subject in recent years and concludes with how Social Pedagogy can achieve a firm footing in the UK. Find Pat Petrie's paper here.


Uploaded 01.08.14

 International Journal of Social Pedagogy

All articles in the International Journal of Social Pedagogy aim to provide a greater understanding of Social Pedagogy in ways that are both relevant at a practice level and contribute to the body of theory and research. As an open access journal all articles can be read for free. Go to the website here.


Uploaded 01.08.14

Social Pedagogy World Congress

Every 4 years AIEJI, the international association of Social Educators/Social Pedagogues, holds an international World Congress for all its members and affiliated professionals, scholars, practitioners etc. The following video about Social Pedagogy and the association was shown at the opening ceremony of the 2013 congress in Luxembourg and can now be watched here.  


Uploaded 01.08.14

Introductory textbook to Social Pedagogy

Paul Stephens’ book “Social Pedagogy: Heart and Head” is one of the first textbooks on Social Pedagogy in the English language and provides a good introduction for everybody who is interested in learning more about this topic. The book links theory with practice whilst emphasising the importance of embracing a social pedagogical value base. It also adopts the perspective that Social Pedagogy has the potential to provide a conceptual framework for work with all age groups. Please read more here.


Uploaded 26.07.14

Linking social pedagogical theory and practice

After spending more than 20 years in the practice field, Social Pedagogue Jan Store became a lecturer at a Norwegian university. He soon realised that he had not kept himself up to date on theoretical developments and decided to explore this topic further. In his book “Practical Social Pedagogy” he outlines the strong connection between theory and practice in Social Pedagogy and how they interlink and inform each other. Read more on the importance of both concepts here 


 Uploaded 08.07.14

Articles on Social Pedagogy in the 21st century

Education Policy Analysis Archives published a special issue on Social Pedagogy in the 21st century. 11 articles describe Social Pedagogy from different angles and viewpoints, providing the reader with a good overview e.g. historical traditions, modern viewpoints and challenges. Please find the articles here (start from article no.35)


Uploaded 08.07.14

Social Pedagogy: Examples from Norway

In his book “The nature of social pedagogy: an excursion in Norwegian territory” Paul Stephens examines Social Pedagogy and describes the growing interest in the approach in the UK .He portrays a promising Nordic model that might be beneficial for British stakeholders in child care settings. Please read the abstract here


Uploaded 01.07.14

Achieving better outcomes for children in residential care

 A placement in a residential home is more expensive than Eton – £200,000 per child per year - and often produce terrible results.  Social Pedagogy can make a difference and improve the lives of our most vulnerable children, says Christina Patterson. Read her interesting article in the Independent here


 Uploaded 01.07.14

Social pedagogy in a nutshell

Brief background information on Social Pedagogy, including a visualisation that provides an overview of Social Pedagogy based on the Artist Pedagogue Framework for looked after children. Read more here.


Uploaded 12.06.14

Re-energising youth work in the UK through Social Pedagogy

In his article Kieron Hatton from the University of Portsmouth discusses how the integration of a social pedagogical approach within youth work in the UK can promote participation and inclusion. It also highlights the importance of working towards both social change and individual development rather than focussing only on the deficits of young people.  Read more here.


  Updated February 2013

  • SOCIAL PEDAGOGY: Heart and Head, Stephens, Paul (2013),

This is an introductory textbook of social pedagogy. Recognising that social pedagogy textbooks in English are in short supply (if indeed there are any!), Paul writes primarily for an English-speaking audience. In his text, Heart is a metaphor for kindness and Head for well-informed practice. Put the two together and the upshot is a social pedagogy that supports social justice through sound educational means. This book pays a lot of attention to social pedagogic theory because that is an area which lacks substance and rigour in much of the literature. Paul is Inaugural Professor of Social Pedagogy at the University of Stavanger in Norway. Follow this link , click "Volumes" at the top of the page, and see Vol.XXIV


The eleven chapters in this book by Scandinavian authors look at social pedagogy from different angles, illustrating its applicability to various types of practice, different settings and dissimilar target groups, thus encompassing but going beyond children and young people (the target group usually associated with social pedagogy in a contemporary British context). Bernt Gustvasson sets the scene by establishing a conceptual link between ‘Knowledge, bildung and action in social pedagogy’; obliging the reader to familiarise themselves with the German concept of Bildung, which is education in a wider sense than that usually used in English. The aim of this book is to develop the understanding of learning in and for society where social pedagogy is the starting point that represents a common dimension of knowledge and acting. It is used to describe a variety of processes of learning and perspectives on society. In Europe social pedagogy, both as a knowledge domain and a subject, has for some time now found itself at a crossroads. The strength of social pedagogy lies in its adaptability to social conditions and to the target groups to which it is aimed. Social pedagogy is therefore best understood as something that takes place in the here and now (in situ).

  • Children Australia is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal reporting on research and practice around children, youth and families. In December, they published a special issue on social pedagogy, which brings together contributions from an academic, research and practice perspective to explore how social pedagogy has evolved as an ethical orientation towards working with human beings, what international comparisons can tell us about its effect, what social pedagogy has to offer to professionals, and how it can be applied in practice within a range of settings. Whilst we hope that the journal will be widely read by our Australian audience, we are also keen to share some of the articles with readers in the UK - they are available here .Sylvia Holthoff and Gabriel Eichsteller (guest editors)




       Read the unabridged version of the above article by Professor Claire Cameron, here .

Response from Abby Ladbrooke, Jacaranda.

Response from Professor Pat Petrie, TCRU.

Response from Dr Janet Boddy andProfessor June Statham, TCRU.

  • 11 May 2009, Channel 4, Dispatches - Lost in Care - Reporter: Rageh Omaar